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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Back to School + Make Ahead Meals

Hey everyone!

The blogosphere has been quiet for me because I am back on campus for my senior year. So far things are going well: new people, challenging courses, fitness classes on campus, service projects, and busy in general. As a college student, time can be limited. So can funds, ingredients, and cooking space. I have been adjusting to these new limitations and making some nice meals, but nothing recipe worthy. Pictures are, as always, on my Instagram.

Today I decided to do some make-ahead meals. I know meal-prep can be very useful for those with busy schedules, whether you have school, work or a combination. Some meals freeze particularly well. This soup I made will be good for a chilly October approaching :)

Hearty Lentil Carrot Cabbage Soup

Serves: 6 | Prep: 5 minutes | Cook time: 15 minutes

Water, 4-5 cups 

Lentils, 1 cup 
Garlic, 1-2 cloves (minced)
Onion, 1 (finely diced)
Vegetable broth base, 4 tsp 
Purple cabbage, 2 cups (shredded) 
Carrots, 1.5 cups (shredded) 
Ginger paste, 1.5 tsp 
Lemongrass paste, 2 tsp 
Sesame oil, 1 tsp 
Chili powder, 3/4 tsp 
Turmeric powder, 1/2 tsp 
Black pepper, ground to taste 
Himalayan pink salt, ground to taste 
Dash of Ground Coriander 
Dash of Ground Paprika 
Dash of Ground Cumin

In a large pot, sauté your garlic and onion in a few teaspoons of water until aromatic and translucent. Add 4 cups of hot water. Add 1 cup of uncooked lentils.

Set heat to medium-high. Stir in the broth base, sesame oil, lemongrass, and ginger. Set timer to 15 minutes and put lid on at a tilt. As the broth is brought to a simmer, begin to shred carrots into a measuring cup. Then wash a few outer cabbage leaves and slice into long strips. Half these into smaller pieces and set aside. To the broth add your dry spices.
Stir and let simmer. When there is 5 minutes left on the timer add in your shredded carrots and cabbage. Stir in up to an extra cup of water to reach your desired soup consistency.
Let soup cool for 5 minutes before serving or pour into a large Tubberware for the freezer :)

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