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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Black Bean Veggie Pizza with a Special Spinach Crust

Today was a busy day in the kitchen! I had been planning to make a plum chutney, but half of my plums are ready and the others are stubbornly hard. I decided to dig around in the fridge for things that needed to be used up. I found cilantro, a peeled sweet potato, and lemon juice. If you Google or Youtube anything, you can find a recipe. I decided to make a Crispy Potato Sandwich. It is easy to find substitutions and veganize things in a pinch too.

It was super yummy and pretty healthy. To clean it up, you can bake it in the oven or toaster instead. You can also melt cheeze on top, if desired. Personally I really liked grilling it in the pan because it reminded me of childhood. The spread has a lot of vitamins and is a nice way to get some veggies in. I'd also recommend trying this with a GF or multigrain bread - I just used the standard vegan wheat we had in the house (I don't eat much bread besides the rotis I make).

This can also be viewed on Instagram.
I had more potato spread but couldn't eat any more so I saved it to use at another time (I'm thinking a cold sandwich with lettuce, tomato, mustard, etc).
After that deliciousness I was satisfied all day. Around dinner time I started toying with ideas to use tempeh, but figured after the seitan yesterday I'd rather go low protein.

I decided to modify a recipe for Vegan Black Bean Pizza because I love using our veggies from the garden. Because the recipe used premade dough and salsa, I decided to have some fun making my own.

This is full of tomatoes, onion, green chili pepper, garlic, basil and cilantro with fresh ground pepper and salt plus cumin powder! While that was infusing, I pondered a dough. I wanted something new and was inspired by spinach parathas from India. I watched a few videos and figured I could make it into a pizza dough.


This is a blend of spinach, baby arugala, a little cilantro and basil. I wanted kale but didn't have any.

So after a few substitutions and a little Tofutti, plus tons of kneading, I made this beautiful dough.

After resting for 15 minutes, I dusted it in all-purpose flour/maida and rolled it out (the dough is atta/whole wheat and a little besan/chickpea).

I then brushed the edges really lightly with evoo just so they wouldn't get hard, cake, or burn. I topped it with lots of awesome veggies. No cheese. The toppings were very light since the crust is kind of heavy from being nontraditional wheat.

Popped this baby in the oven at 450F for 15-20 minutes (I'll never know because my dad accidentally turned the timer on the microwave off).

Look at it! I ate half the pizza myself...but I don't feel weighed down afterwards like you would from a traditional American pizza! This is full of vitamin-rich veggies. It is plant-based, green health food! Not meats and dairy products packed with saturated fats. I feel very happy about this.
I ate some pretty awesome things today.

And the day ended with this sunset :)

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